1. Error retrieving mail: password is incorrect.
  2. POP lock busy.

Error retrieving mail: password is incorrect

Passwords and usernames for retrieving email are case-sensitive. If you have your username entered in your mail program with any capital letters, you will get an authentication error and will not be able to get your email. Ensure that your username is entered as one word, in lowercase letters, with no spaces, and without @exit109.com at the end.

Your password is case-sensititve, and is the same as the password you use to log in to the system. Try retyping it to make sure it isn't just a typo.

POP lock busy

If you get a message like "POP lock busy, is another session active?" when trying to download your mail, it usually means you aborted a previous mail transfer in progress. Our server thinks you are still connected and trying to get your mail. Just wait a few minutes for the lock to expire and try again.

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