All of our accounts include electronic mail, unlimited shell, internet relay chat (irc), PPP dial-up access, and 5MB of storage for a do-it-yourself homepage. Of course, all accounts are subject to our terms and conditions.

Click here to search for a local dialup.

Anytime Access: $19.95/month plus a $10 setup fee
Six-Month Prepay: $99.75 (less than $16.75/month)
One Year Prepay: $179.40 (less than $15.00/month)

Our basic commercial website account is $30/month. This includes 10 megabytes of space on our webserver (for a do-it-yourself webpage), access to write cgi programs (activated on request), and basic monthly hit statistics (activated on request.)

For additional web hosting packages, please click here to visit our corporate website.

64k (1B channel): $24.95/month (plus $10 setup charge)
128k (2B channel): $29.95/month (plus $10 setup charge)

Six-months and annual subscriptions discount the price at 6 months for the price of 5 and 12 for the price of 10, respectively.

Note, Bell Atlantic has a per minute ISDN charge of $0.02/day and $0.01/evenings if you are in the local calling area; they also offer bulk-rate connect time. Otherwise, normal toll rates apply.

For information on high-speed access for your organization, please visit our corporate website at

Unix shell: $10.00/month

You can use the available e-mail, newsgroup, ftp, irc, and www programs. We also grant access to the standard programming shells and networking utilities. We must receive 6 months prepayment before we can activate an account. Click here for more information.

Domain maintenance: $15/month + $50 setup*
Your own domain with email forwarding.

Free Domain Name Search & Registration

Are you ready for an Internet Presence? We'll search for the availability of a custom domain name for you and register it FREE OF CHARGE.*

Click here to reserve a domain name.

*InterNIC fees apply. $35/year per domain name, 2 years upfront. Billed directly by Network Solutions/InterNIC Registration Services.

Additional E-mail Accounts:
Mailbox with POP3 and web access: $5/month
Extra mailbox has its own address, username and password.

Extra Disk Space:
Additional disk space on our server: $1 per megabyte/month.

Static IP Address:
Static IP with hostname: $10/month

For more information about our services and a comprehensive look at our company, please visit our corporate page at

Or, fill out our contact form and we'll get back to you with a free estimate.

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