All dialup accounts at Exit109 include Unix shell accounts. A shell account allows you to log into our Unix system ( and use it to access the Internet and run programs on our system. We also offer ssh shell accounts that can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer.

Our system runs FreeBSD. All the standard Unix tools are available, including:

  • Shells: csh, tcsh, bash, ksh, zsh, sh
  • Email: Pine, Elm, Mutt, mh, procmail, mail
  • Usenet: tin, trn, slrn
  • File transfer: ftp, ncftp, rz/sz
  • WWW: lynx
  • Editors: pico, emacs, jove, vi
  • Programming: perl, tcl, cc/gcc/g++, awk, shells
  • Networking: ssh, ping, traceroute, whois, nslookup, talk
  • Miscellaneous: ircII, TinyFugue, BitchX, Frotz (with several games)

Access to C compilers is granted upon request.

Orphaned background processes are killed after logout, but detached screen sessions are allowed as long as they don't cause resource problems.

Cron jobs are permitted.

The alpha release of trn 4.0 is installed; it is updated as new versions become available, which is quite often. It is located in /usr/local/beta/bin (I know it's not strictly GNU software, but I needed somewhere to put it.) If you want to use it you should also use the inews, Pnews, and Rnmail from the 4.0 release; do this by putting /usr/local/beta/bin in your path before the other directories. If you don't know how to do this you probably don't want to be playing with alpha software...

Disk quotas are 5 megs. Additional space is available for $1 per meg per month. Your mail spool file doesn't count toward the quota. The soft quota is 40 megs, usable for up to three days.

Exercise common sense in your use of system resources. If your processes are causing a problem they will be killed.

Of course, we cannot provide full support for Unix. Answers to just about any question you could possibly have can be found at the Unix Reference Desk.

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